2019 in Books

A few years ago I challenged myself to read 100 books per year. We are now at the end of 2019 and this is what I read, and what I recommend per category. Keep in mind many of these books did not come out in 2019. I will also mention a few from previous years […]

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12 Strong

Here is something quite different from my usual posts. Almost a year ago, in early January of 2017, I sent an email with a picture to a casting agency (Sande Alessi) to appear as an extra in a movie which was then tentatively called “Horse Soldiers”. If you haven’t heard of the book (Horse Soldiers), […]

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Now, I Present to You…

Over the course of my career, I’ve attended several conferences, conventions, panels, symposiums, workshops, seminars and events with other fancy or weird names. Inevitably (even when some events by definition are meant to be interactive… e.g. the “work” in “workshop” is there for a reason), someone will end up giving a presentation, and if you […]

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The Perks of Being a Ph.D. Student

Lately I’ve had several casual conversations with colleagues and friends who are about to finish their undergraduate degree. Naturally, professors suggest they continue with their graduate education. Here’s what a graduate degree represents in my experience, but before that, should you even be thinking about it in the first place? To be or not to […]

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Research Papers: A Necessary Evil

As a graduate student, I have been (un)fairly exposed to writing research papers. As most graduate students at some point in time, I began to question their usefulness and purpose. I didn’t go too far before finding this: Peter Higgs, the British physicist who gave his name to the Higgs boson, believes no university would employ […]

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