CIS 4317. Human-Computer Interaction

The goal of this course is to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create highly usable software systems. The course covers human perception, ergonomics, cognition and psychology, task analysis, user interface design, interface programming, and system evaluation among other topics. This course is based on a similar course offered by my friend and mentor Nigel Ward.

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CIS 3345. Management Information Systems

This course integrates both computer concepts and information systems concepts, and provides a strong managerial emphasis focusing on the impact of technologies in different environments. Coverage includes the analysis, design, development, and implementation of information systems. The course provides the fundamentals of management of information systems including organizational, global and strategic issues.

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CIS 4365. Database Management

The course introduces students to issues related to database and database management systems (DBMS). Students gain technical backgrounds in planning, analysis, logical design, physical design, implementation, and maintenance of a database. Students are provided hands-on training in data base design, development, and implementation using a relational DBMS software. Emphasis is placed on the problems and issues of managing in a data base environment.

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CIS 4320. Advanced Programming

Advanced Programming This course will use structured object-oriented programming algorithms for software development to solve real world business problems. Concepts to be covered include basic data structures, objects, classes, functions, encapsulation, arrays, and inheritance. The course will offer in-class hands-on instruction of programming techniques.

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