Ivan Gris

Building Engaging Experiences in Virtual Worlds



Dr. Ivan Gris co-founded Inmerssion in 2013. His tech startup focuses on innovative ways virtual agents (computer-generated characters with artificial intelligence) and virtual/augmented reality can help educate and entertain. His research and interactive software that has been demonstrated in international conferences across the world. He has collaborated alongside companies like IBM to create artificially intelligent virtual people. He earned his bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in computer science from The University of Texas at El Paso in 2010, 2011 and 2015, respectively. Gris is a published author of at least 19 research papers focused on gaming, virtual reality and human-computer interaction. He also has started two successful commercial companies that combine art with technology and pop culture. He has given over 300 outreach presentations and demonstrations to get young minds encouraged and interested in STEM fields. He continues his research working on virtual reality and mixed reality immersive environments. He likes to explore novel human-computer interaction techniques to deliver digital content through believable characters and engaging storytelling scenarios.




I am the co-fonder of Inmerssion. We develop compelling experiences in virtual worlds. This video is one of our latest projects, where we created our own smart virtual version of Harry Potter. To learn more about what we do go to our website!

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