Throughout the years I’ve given numerous workshops ranging from entrepreneurship, scientific visualization, general outreach, and embodied conversational agents.

Interactive Systems Group Workshops (UTEP 2013)

These were three workshops design to address every aspect of embodied conversational agent development, from concept and design, to behaviors and logic.

ECAWS2 Portrait
In this workshop, students learn how to code the gesture recognizer. Through a hands-on activity, using a Kinect, students map the body to a skeleton system, which then thy use to detect gestures and poses based on some training date provided by volunteers. In addition, it covers designing behaviors to match the agent’s persona, and to trigger those behaviors depending on the user’s movement. 

Social Signal Processing Summer School Workshop (Sweden, 2013)

The European network of excellence for Social Signal Processing SSP in cooperation with SweCog (The Swedish National Graduate School in Cognitive Science) arranged a summer school in Social Signal Processing (throughout August 5 – August 10, 2013), at Marston Hill, Mullsjö, Sweden.

The summer school consisted of a number of invited lectures on different aspects of Social Signal Processing (SSP) and of group work related to the presented aspects. The school is open to all researchers within cognitive science.

SPSS Workshop
This workshop covers agent design. It focuses on persona, agent evaluation, and agent design through acting and teamwork.
SSP Workshop Sweden 2013
Some friends and great researchers that I got to meet in Sweden during the SSP Summer School!

Entrepreneurship (Mexico, 2013)

This is a talk/workshop I had the opportunity to give at a few Universities in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. I presented this at the Universidad Tecnologica de Ciudad Juarez, and at Tec Milenio. The purpose of this presentation was to push the entrepreneurial ideals of students, by walking them through the steps of building a successful business.